Finknik & Garga-Fink S2 by Slingshot Supply Co.


For it’s seventh ‘mail order’ drop, Slingshot Supply Co. is unleashing Series 2 of its Low Flyers Fight Club. First up is the debut of the new Finknik STD soft vinyl art toy which is a multi-eyed, fight club style take on the classic Troll toy. As a nod to its inspiration, each figure comes with a mini ‘bootleg’ Troll. The debut edition features standard Troll coloring with pink hair and mint green shorts with a brand-new Low Flyers Fight Club graphic.

Not to be forgotten, Garga-Fink is back with the Angry Garga-Fink STD Toxic Patriot edition. Celebrating the horrific hero, the green Toxic Patriot rocks a torn American flag singlet. This first S2 Garga-Fink also features the revised S2 arms.

Ordering for both the Finknik STD and Angry Garga-Fink STD Toxic Patriot soft vinyl art toys will be open on Friday (9.22) at 8 AM PDT from Slingshot Supply Co. with each figure being offered for $95. Orders will close 48 hours later on Sunday (9.24). If orders exceed inventory, the sale will transform into a lottery with winners chosen randomly.


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