Mood Palmer Minis by Superdeux x Artoyz


French artist Superdeux is giving mix + match play a hand with his new creative Mood Palmer vinyl art toy minis in collaboration with Paris-based Artoyz. Available in six compact colorways, the new Mood Palmer concentrates the appeal of his popular figure into a clever new 3.5″ figure with a fantastic surprise. What might first appear as six different sculpts is in fact one sculpt with a snap-together accessory system.

Let’s unpack the design. To start each colorway comes with its own primary accessory in a set color Black (Lightning Bolt), Blue (Brass Knuckles), Green (Carrot) , Orange (Dynamite), Purple (Worm) and Yellow (Pencil). Each window box triples the fun with two additional surprise accessories in random colors. The surprises include a deliciously drippy paint brush, a paint marker, partially peeled banana and a microphone. With six colorways, at least 10 accessories and multiple accessory colorways, Mood Palmer brings almost limitless joy.

Editions of 400, the Mood Palmer vinyl art toy minis (3.5″) will be available on Thursday (9.21) at 3 AM PDT directly from Artoyz for €39.90 (~$44.50) each.


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