Headsplitz – Janky, Guggimon and Dayzee

Headsplitz – Janky, Guggimon and Dayzee


After the party comes the afterglow or in the case of these three, a strange trip back down. Enjoying just a few too many happy pills, Superplastic’s Headsplitz trio of Guggimon, Janky and Dayzee find themselves on a wildy, bumpy trip through funky, freaky personas. The altered states bring us Janky as a dizzy fast-food pirate, a completely blitzed Guggimon in a skeleton suit with pleated ballerina dress while riding a unicorn-on-a-stick with an attached mace while enjoying beer from a helmet, and Dayzee as an octo-vamp sub (wha…).

It’s all deliciously over-the-top. From the eclectic, vibrant colors to the tripped-out poses, the Headsplitz bunch are sure to stand out amongst almost any collection. Not in a bad ‘sore thumb’ way, though sore heads are definitely in their future. Of the three, Janky might be the most ‘normal’ of the bunch — but that’s only stacked next to the pain-as-play Dayzee and the wild child that is Guggi.

Editions of 350, the Guggimon (15.5″, $220 Janky (13″, $220) and Dayzee Headsplitz (13″, $220) vinyl art toys are available from Superplastic. Time to embrace your inner wild child, vinyl style.


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