Mastering the Art of Throwing a Baby Shower

Mastering the Art of Throwing a Baby Shower


Throwing a baby shower for a loved one is exciting! It’s the perfect way to honor their new bundle of joy and give them some much-needed love and support. But if you’ve never thrown a baby shower before, this can be a daunting task! Don’t worry—we’ll walk you through all the steps to ensure your baby shower is a hit!

1. Gather a Team

If you can recruit even one or two helpful friends or family members, it can make a world of difference! Someone with a creative eye or willing to run errands, help with games, or share costs can be a huge help. You just have to be willing to delegate. And don’t forget to over-thank these fantastic humans who help you!

2. Plan the Basics

Eight to ten weeks before your shower date, you should decide on the basics: venue, budget, and at least a preliminary guest list. An evening, outdoor event with 25 guests will look vastly different than a midmorning brunch with a large group, so these first decisions will drive most of your other choices.

3. Select the Theme and Invitations

Around the same time, decide on a theme. The theme will be the basis for your invitation and decorations. I like to choose a theme that fits the guest of honor’s personality or matches the future nursery. Decide if you want to create an over-the-top feel, something more minimalist, or something in between. I love the ideas in this list to help get you started!

Invitations can be as easy as an instant download and print option or, like these, can be personalized, printed, and mailed to you. Another option is to go completely paperless and use an e-vite – which has the perk of tracking RSVPs for you! No matter what you decide, send the invitations about one month before the shower.

4. Plan the Food

 Decide whether you’ll cater, cook, or do a combination of both! The time of day may be the best way to decide what to serve: brunch for a mid-morning event, assorted hors d’oeuvres at sunset, a buffet for lunch, etc. This list is an excellent reference for foods that work well for a baby shower.

Consider serving foods that match the theme! For example, you could have finger sandwiches and mini pies for a picnic-themed baby shower. No matter what type of food you choose, I like to use this guide to ensure I plan enough food for your guests! Along with food, make sure you’ll have appropriate plates, cutlery, serving ware, cups, and napkins. Also, don’t forget a cake or dessert!

5. Purchase Decorations and Coordinate Rentals

In the weeks leading up to the shower, decide what you want your space to look like and plan decorations to create that atmosphere. Whether you fill the room with fresh flowers, create or buy banners that match your theme, arrange a balloon arch and photo ops, or all of the above, make sure it’s cohesive!

If you need to rent tables, chairs, decor, or anything else – now is the time to do it! And remember, sometimes less is more! If decor is not your strong suit, ask a good friend to review your ideas!

6. Plan Games and Activities

Decide what games (if any) you’ll want to plan and gather any necessary supplies. Choose simple, fun games and activities,like gift bingo, or a true or false quiz. Make sure you have some prizes for the winners. Some mamas-to-be may not want games focused on her (or games at all), so run your ideas by her ahead of time.

Activities like late-night diapers or block decorating can be an engaging alternative to the usual shower games, and the guest of honor can take the finished products home for her nursery.

7. Don’t Forget the Favors

Two weeks before the shower, purchase or make party favors. You should do this earlier if you plan to order personalized favors!

8. Tie up Loose Ends

Create a “week of” to-do list, including last-minute errands and vendor or venue confirmations. This is when you would delegate some tasks to your team. Anyone who can help with the decorations, chores, set-up, and cleanup will help immensely. I suggest finding a special volunteer to write down all gifts received and another helper who will take photos.

It’s also helpful to create a day-of timeline that will help your event run as smoothly as possible and will also take a lot of worry off your plate.

9. Enjoy the Special Day

On the day of the shower, follow your timeline to keep guests engaged from the moment they arrive. Make sure you also enjoy the time and truly celebrate mama-to-be and her little one on the way!

A few days after the shower, take some time to reflect on how everything went and take notes of what worked well, what could be improved, and what you would do differently the next time around. Then use this information to ensure your next baby shower is even better!


Remember, the most important element is making sure that mama-to-be feels loved and celebrated. Throwing a baby shower doesn’t need to be complicated or stressful. With a little bit of planning ahead, it can be an enjoyable experience for all involved. I know you’ve got this!!

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