TinkerTar Will Play an Instrumental Role in Kids’ Lives


It’s time we put an end to cleaning spit out of plastic recorders in music class. 

But then what could possibly be the next origin for budding musical prodigies, you ask, if not squeaking out a rendition of “Hot Cross Buns” after lunch period? 

Well, Buffalo’s TinkerTar might be the answer to help your child become the next Harry Styles. And it still includes a music book with “Hot Cross Buns,” so tradition is not lost on this new toy. 

Created by musicians Brian Calhoun, Dave Matthews, and John Alagia, the TinkerTar has only one string, which is perfect for little fingers and makes learning the instrument easy and fun. Plus, it also means the TinkerTar is always in tune with itself, and that, along with the 15-song, easy-to-follow music book, will be a gift to parents’ ears. 

The TinkerTar comes in various fun designs to get any child excited about entering the world of music.

No worries for those who may be accident-prone — the TinkerTar comes with two extra backup strings, as well as a strap so kids ages 3 and up can keep it on them at all times, even on the go. It’s also lightweight, so parents won’t end up having to take over carrying duties. Just think of all the opportunities for talent shows for Grandma and Grandpa!

Additionally, it also includes a pick for kids to get the authentic rocker experience. The colored and numbered finger positions on the guitar will make reading music very easy, even if you have a pre-reader. 

Your child can even have a guitar that goes with their growing personality. With playful designs like fire, rainbows, hearts, flowers, pizzas, animals, and more, children will definitely feel attached to their TinkerTar, making it a much more special gift this holiday season. 

Available online at Walmart, Amazon, and Target, the TinkerTar is priced at $24.99 — an affordable price to invest in your future Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus’ career. 

All fame jokes aside, this can be a true opportunity for a healthy, screen-free lifelong hobby, and TinkerTar allows young children to develop a passion for music so early on, which is something that might just change their life while pulling on parents’ heartstrings.



Created by musicians Brian Calhoun, Dave Matthews, and John Alagia, this one-string melody maker is made of sustainable, responsibly sourced wood. Use the included 15-song songbook and colored and numbered finger positions to learn beginner guitar.

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