A Dreamy Baby Shower: Celebrating Life, Love, and Baby in Bloom


PSA: There’s a baby in bloom! For Kellee Khalil, founder of Loverly, friends and family anticipated the arrival of baby girl with a rosey celebration that embodied all things girlhood. Whimsical florals and bohemian textures set the tone at Kellee’s childhood home in Los Angeles— where guests were invited to enjoy delicious food and drinks picnic-style, surrounded by cozy pillows and low lying tables! Keep reading to see all of the precious details and get a glimpse of life la vie en rose!

The mom-to-be shares,

“As I embark on the beautiful journey of motherhood, I couldn’t wait to celebrate the impending arrival of our little princess. I knew I wanted my baby shower to be a perfect blend of femininity and fun. With the loving support of my father and sisters, we decided to host the event at our childhood home in Southern California. We created a warm and inviting atmosphere that forever holds a special place in my heart.”


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